Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

What is a Worker’s Compensation
Plan: what it does to you ‘employee’?

Workers CompensationWorker’s compensation is from the law. They are benefits that are obtained by employees due to injuries, accidents and diseases that occur at work.
The compensation is like armour, it protects works from their bad working conditions and even from their employers.

The employee gets a compensation fee medical and vocational rehabilitation costs, mileage and prescription. Basically covers mostly the medical expenses including medicine and checkups.

It is an employer’s responsibility to insure all the employees in his company. The employer can either get a worker’s compensation insurance for his employees for working injuries. The employer can also opt for an approved self-insurance; this approval is only permitted by the Minnesota department of Commerce. However, employers can do with self-insurance but usually employers get the compensation polices from insurance companies. Most claims were issued in these states: California, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Illinois.

However, for independent contractors are not covered by workers compensation insurance. The worker’s compensation
amendment bill has nothing to do with independent contractors.

The compensation covered fully but sometimes, employees
can be denied the benefits. Sometimes the employer might
not agree with the claims made by the employee. An employee
must however notify the employer in s written document within twenty-one days after the receipt of the denied claim. It
is therefore, important to keep al your medical records, including the assist and the rehabilitation and to send the forms to the worker’s compensation division. Your forms must have your name, date of injury, employer and the name of the insurance company.

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