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Timesheet template

Timesheet template

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Download and customize this Excel timesheet template for your personal or company use. This time sheet lets you specify a different pay rate for overtime and regular hours. You will probably need to customize the template for your specific payroll practices, but this should at least give you a good head start.
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Timesheet – why to use it?

Employee timesheet can lower costs in 3 ways: by making payroll
processing more efficient, by making costs visible so you can lower them, and by automating billing & invoicing.
you can use online timesheet through web based template.
you can also download a timesheet software. Of course the most simple is to download an excel timesheet template and customise it. thsi printable timesheet is easy to use and is free.

Time tracking can increase revenue through automating billing, which tends to make it easier for a company to get correct invoices out for all hours worked by consulting staff. This speeds up payment and eliminates the hassles of ‘dropping’ bills.

By lowering costs in 3 ways, and increasing revenue in one way, timesheet management technologies that are web-based can improve the health of companies.

In the project management world, timesheets can also be used to build a body of knowledge about how much effort tasks take to develop. For example if developing a training plan has historically taken a month, then it can be assumed that creating a new one will take a month. Also most timesheet software has the ability to track resource costs and project expenses to allow for better future budgeting.

Using a timesheet calculator for accurate calculations

A timesheet calculator is a simple software that is used for keeping a record of ‘work time’ of an employee. Once you have entered the required information, you will get a detailed analysis of the time spent by the worker doing a certain task or a specific project. There is no rocket science involved in using a timesheet calculator and you can easily learn how to use it within a few minutes.
Timesheet calculators have proven to be very useful for daycare workers, maids, freelancers and anyone who has been working on an hourly basis. These unique calculators have been developed from the time cards that were once introduced in the corporate world. The biggest advantage of timesheet calculators over the time cards is that there is no chance of entering fraudulent data into the software. The calculations are carried out automatically through the preset formula. Furthermore, the calculations can be done in a few minutes and are highly accurate. You will hardly find anyone complaining about the accuracy of the timesheet calculators. Those who have used this software are addicted to it. According to them, maintaining a record was never so easy before. It does not matter how complicated your schedule is, these calculators can easily handle any complex situation with absolute ease.
Electronic timesheet calculators are not only used for calculating wages but are also used for maintaining employees’ attendance and vacation record. Therefore, by the end of the month, a complete personal record is developed which is later used as a major tool when promotions are to be announced.

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