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Download and customize this Excel timesheet sample for your personal
or company use. In this time sheet sample you specify a different pay rate for overtime and regular hours. You will probably need to customize the form for your specific payroll practices, but this sample form at least give you a good head start.
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When a Timesheet Form Isn’t Enough

Sometimes time sheet templates are simply not enough. In this short article we will explain the benefits of the timesheet software over a printable timesheet form.

Timesheet software is a simple tool for keeping an accurate record of the time spent on each task by an employee. This tool records the time when the task was started and the time when it was finished. Some of the advanced software keeps a well detailed record of all the tasks being carried out by an employee throughout the project.

With the introduction of such useful machine onto the market, timesheet samples and forms, manual calculations and compilation of employees’ timesheets seems to be history now. Everyone knows that workers hate paperwork and when they are assigned any task of this sort, they do it halfheartedly. Thus mistakes and omissions are very likely to occur by even the most dedicated worker using templates.

A timesheet tracking system can only produce perfect results when the timesheets are accurate and they are submitted right on time. If timesheets are simple, the chances of making a mistake are reduced and this is what timesheet software does and printable time sheet forms do not. It has made the entire calculation easier than ever. Collection of timesheets is no hassle, even if employees are based in different locations.

There are many different free timesheet tools available on the market. These differ in terms of their specifications and features. It is very likely that they are introduced with different names, such as web based timesheet solution, employee time tracking software, and sometimes, attendance tracking software. If you are lucky enough to find what you need for your company, you will see a major difference in the productivity and efficiency level of your employees.

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