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Sales Receipt

Sales Receipt

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Download this Free Blank Sales Receipt template for your personal or company use and use it again and again.  Using a sales receipt to promote your business activities If, as a business person, you are looking for a good and affordable way to promote your business activities, thus increasing your sales and consequently your profits, then look no further than your normal sales receipt (point of sale receipt) that you generally issue to your customers after a sales transaction. In the past, a sales receipt was only used as proof of an actual purchase.However, today, most of the available point of sale terminals that produce the said sales receipt have the capacity to print custom messages on each and every receipt issued to customers. This low cost marketing tool makes it possible to market your business activities to customers or clients, every time they make a purchase from you.A sales receipt has two parts that can be used to print custom marketing messages; the header and the footer, the choice as to which to use is actually yours. Clearly, a sales receipt is often a missed opportunity for inexpensive but highly effective marketing for your business activities. Here are two ways that a printed sales receipt can help in increasing your profitability.

  • Coupon offers: Generally, customers are always looking for ways to cut their costs, thus saving money. Coupons are an excellent way that can help customers to save while at the same time bringing you more business.
  • Logos: A sales receipt is an excellent document for business owners to promote their business activities. This being the case, your business logo should always be incorporated into every sales receipt that is issued to customers. In actual fact, receipt marketing is a simple but quite effective way of making your business activities stand out from the competition, thus building recognition for quality and competitive pricing.


Sales Receipt review:


Your details, receipt number etc.

Sold to – details.

payment method check no. job
qty item # description unit price discount line total

Total discount


Sales Tax



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