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A free Microsoft Word Chronological Resume template. Download the blank template, fill in your details and you ready to go. Download Now Another free Word Blank Resume Template. Download Now Another free Word resume format, with a slightly different design. Download Now

Learn about the perfect resume!

When creating a resume, it is always useful to remember that this will be the first impression that a potential employer has of you; therefore, your resume has to have impact. With so many free resume templates available online, it would be ideal to explore these different options to determine what would best suit you and would be an attractive resume in the context of the industry for which you are applying for a job.

The best resume templates are clean and simple with clear fonts that can be read easily regardless of whether the resume is sent in hard or soft copy. Also always consider using resume templates that are created on common software platforms, as this will make them easy to amend and update from time to time. Also remember to keep things to the point. A resume is not intended to be a demonstration of your essay writing skills but instead is an opportunity to highlight your education and personal background, your key achievements, both academically and professionally, your work experience and also your abilities, therefore, select resume templates that serve this purpose.

In considering the content of your resume, do not include your photo unless this has specifically been requested. The rationale for this is that the resume should stand on its own, based on its content rather than on a visual. Most employers now are not concerned about racial or gender demographics in selecting the best person for the job; they are more interested in skills and abilities.

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