Rent Receipt

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Rent Receipt
rent receipt


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Rent receipt preview

Rent Receipt

(Write Name and Address of Tenant)

Received from ___ Name of Tenant_________________
the sum of $ ___________ (in words_________________________),
which is rent for the period of __________________
for the premises described above.

Name of the owner __________________
Signature: ______________________


What’s in a rent receipt template?

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, the nature of the contractual relationship between the parties will require the tenant to provide a regular payment of rent for the provision of premises by the landlord. Each time such payments are made, it is necessary that a rent receipt is issued so that there is a formal tracking mechanism, not only of rent being paid in a timely fashion, but also of the amount paid and the particulars of the lease.

The ideal rent receipt template should be treated somewhat like an invoice, and there is certain core information that should be presented. This includes, firstly, the tenant’s name or the name of the organization that is paying the rent. The name and particulars of the recipient of the rent must also be clearly displayed on a formal rent receipt.

Where possible there must also be a clear description of the premises for which the rent is collected. Where the landlord may be the owner of several premises that are leased out, it becomes important that these details are clearly included in the rent receipt for tracking purposes. Another important fact is the date for which the rent is paid or being collected, and whether it is a monthly, quarterly or even annual rent and whether the amount paid is the full amount, partial payment, payment of a deposit or even payment for anything else. Finally, always ensure that this document is dated and signed by the landlord with the particulars of how the payment was made, for example, by cash or check.

Please try out our printable rent receipt template – we hope it will fit your needs and you can use the same template again and again.

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