Orthodontist Job Description

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Orthodontist Job Description

Job DescriptionOrthodontics is an area of dentistry focused on the treatment and study of improper bites, and the orthodontist’s job description can either deal with the displacement of teeth or the control of facial growth. Orthodontic treatments can be given for purely cosmetic reasons, or for improved tooth function and health. The orthodontist deals with hardware like braces and retainers, with their goal being either to improve the appearance of the teeth or to allow a person to chew without pain or difficulty.Orthodontists work in clean, well-lit clinics and offices. They work, on average, thirty to forty hours per week. Working conditions are usually pleasant, with no nights or weekends on call like you would find in other health care fields.To become an orthodontist, you will need at least two years of pre-dental education in college, or a bachelor’s degree. A pre-dental education plan will focus on science coursework, and many potential orthodontists choose to major in chemistry or biology. A select few are admitted to dental school, and finish their bachelor’s degree coursework while there.After they graduate from dental school, an orthodontist will complete an orthodontic program lasting at least three years; a program that places an emphasis on the mouth and face. Most go on to a clinical practice or an internship, where the orthodontist will learn to realign teeth and work with various orthodontic appliances.

Orthodontist Job Description Template

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