Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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Blank Car Bill of Sale form

Vehicle Bill of Sale formVehicle Bill of Sale form

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Download this free Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale template for your personal or company use. It is a printable blank bill of sale form.

Using the blank bill of sale form

Vehicle Bill of Sale formA Vehicle Bill of Sale is imperative when you sell or buy a vehicle – be it a car, motorcycle and even a boat.

Why is the Bill of Sale form important?

Well, if any problem arises later, the bill of sale form will help the seller or the buyer to prove their case. In addition, the bill of sale serves as proof that the buyer really bought the auto and owns it. And last but not least, the document is what you need for accounting and tax purposes.

What should the Vehicle Bill of Sale form include?

The form should include three parts:

1. Information about the car – make, model, year, identification number and mileage.

2. Information about the seller and the buyer – full names, addresses, phone numbers.

3. The sum paid for the vehicle.

Where does one find an auto bill of sale template?

We offer a free blank bill of sale form. You can either copy/paste the free blank form and print it at your convenience, or pay and download the Excel blank bill of sale template.

In any case, the net is full of sites with blank auto bill of sale forms and bill of sale samples – free or with charge. All you have to do is Google the term.

More blank bill of sale formats will be available here soon. Among them:

2. Boat Bill of sale form.

3. Mobile home bill of sale format.

4. Dog and Horse bill of sale forms.


More Bill of Sale forms

Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

that for payment in the sum of $___________ , the full receipt of which is acknowledged, the undersigned ____________ (Seller) hereby sells and transfers to____________(Buyer),
the following described motor vehicle (Vehicle):


or series:



VIN #:


Odometer reading:

Title #:

The sale is subject to the following conditions and representations:

Seller acknowledges receipt of $ in down payment for the Vehicle ( auto, car, automobile), full payment from the Buyer and title transfer to take place within days.

Seller allows the Buyer days to have the Vehicle ( auto, car, automobile) inspected by an independent mechanic, and agrees to cancel the sale if the inspection is unsatisfactory to the Buyer.

If the sale is not completed, the Seller will retain $ of the down payment to cover costs and effort in re-advertising.

Seller certifies to the best of the Seller’s knowledge that the odometer reading listed in the Vehicle ( auto, car, automobile) description above reflects the actual mileage of the Vehicle (
auto, car, automobile). The Vehicle ( auto, car, automobile)’s
odometer was not altered, set back, or disconnected while in the Seller’s possession, and the Seller has no knowledge of anyone doing so.

Seller warrants to Buyer that Seller has good and marketable title to said property, full authority to sell and transfer said property, and that said property is sold free of all liens, encumbrances, liabilities, and adverse claims of every nature and description whatsoever.

Seller has no knowledge of any hidden defects in and to the Vehicle ( auto, car, automobile), and believes to the best of the Seller’s knowledge that the Vehicle ( auto, car, automobile) being sold is in good operating condition. Said Vehicle (auto, car, automobile) is otherwise sold in “as is” condition and where currently located.

Date signed:
In the presence of (Witness):
Print name of witness:



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