Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form

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Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form

Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form
Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form

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Download this Word Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form for your personal or company use. It is a printable blank Mobile Home Bill of Sale template.

Is your mobile home bill of sale form properly drafted?The mobile home bill of sale form stands out as a special document that is used to transfer ownership of a mobile home from the seller to the buyer. In some states it is required that this document is notarized whenever the ownership is transferred and there might also be a need to have a title certificate included with the form. Just like every other transaction of goods, this form will protect both sellers and buyers.
One problem that is usually overlooked is the fact that there are sales tax requirements that have to be respected in most states. It is only possible to have the requirements satisfied when using a proper, valid mobile home bill of sale form, as it is a legally binding document. A proper form is going to include precise information about the parties included and about the mobile home that is being sold.
Whilst it is logical that the name and address of the seller and the buyer have to be put in the form, there are sometimes problems with what is included as information about the mobile home. A good form will always include serial number, model, make, size, year of manufacture, mileage and the current mobile home location when the selling process takes place.
Problems can appear whenever some of the important pieces of information required are not included. The huge difficulty is that the document may not be considered as legal and it will not mark the sale. That is why it is really important to make sure that the mobile home bill of sale form has been drafted properly and working with a notary or professional with the necessary knowledge is a good idea at all times.More Bill of Sale forms

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