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Gift Certificate template

Gift Certificate template
Gift Certificate template

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Finding templates for gift certificates

Making gift certificates available as part of your business, particularly where it concerns the sale of products and services, will allow customers to provide these gift certificates to friends and family and ultimately encourage more people to purchase your products and services.
It may therefore be worthwhile considering the use of gift certificates as part of your business. Whilst there are many gift certificate templates available online, remember that you will have to personalize the gift certificate template to suit your specific organization and the products or services provided.
It is easy to create gift certificates. A gift certificate template should contain some key information, including, firstly the amount of the gift certificate as well as the date of issue and the date of expiry. The latter can be set as one year from the date of issue, or you may decide on another time period. Ideally all gift certificates should have serial numbers that allow you to track the issuance of such gift certificates. You may want to consider leaving a space on the gift certificate for the purchaser to put the name of the recipient and the specific occasion. This gift certificate template will be more personalized and can have greater impact on the recipient. Always prepare gift certificates in different amounts, as you will never be sure just how much someone would be prepared to spend. In addition, you can use these gift certificates to thank regular or loyal customers for their support every once in a while!


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