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Excel Simple invoice form Excel Commercial Invoice form Excel Service invoice sample with tax calculation
Invoice forms

Excel Commercial Invoice Excel Service invoice sample with tax calculation

Download the form once, fill in your company/ business name and create an unlimited number of invoices. Learn more This commercial invoice form is ready
for you to add your company name and/or logo, Includes product
description, quantities etc’, plus fields for shipping and insurance.
A service invoice template for use in all types of businesses.
This invoice form is ready for you to add your
company name and/or logo. Includes product description,
hours, rate and amount.
Learn more
DownloadWord invoice formsDownload more Excel invoice forms

invoice forms – many choices

Invoice forms can come in a great variety of formats to suit the printing equipment that is being used. In large companies or shops where invoices are required because clients are resellers, it is often the most convenient to have a dedicated printer for printing using continuous stationery. The invoices are normally printed in multi copy so that a copy can be given to the client; another is kept for the accounting department, and another for the archived records.

We offer cheap printable invoice templates and free printable invoice forms. If you own a small business that does not use invoices frequently our products may fit your needs.

If you are using a bespoke accounting package for your invoices this will normally have a fixed format for the invoice forms so you may need to buy invoice stationery from the supplier to ensure the invoice forms show the data in the right boxes. Sometimes this can be quite expensive. If you have some design skills you can actually create a perfectly acceptable copy of these forms yourself which can be preprinted onto plain paper. Doing this can save you quite a lot of money if you frequently print invoices.

It is important that your invoice forms produce clearly readable invoices. In particular you should make sure that details such as the clients name and address are quite clear to read though a window envelope, if you are planning to post the invoices rather than send them by email. Make sure the invoice number on the invoice samples is clear to read too, as any enquiry from the customer will need to use this. This ensures you can quickly and easily find the correct invoice the customer is referring to. If you need to order bespoke invoice forms, make sure that you keep yourself updated about your stock levels so that you can order replacements and not run the risk of running out unexpectedly.

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