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Blank Invoice template

blank invoice template

Need a Blank Excel invoice template?

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A great, all-purpose simple Excel blank invoice for use in all types of businesses. This invoice template is ready for you to add your company name and/or logo. Includes product description and amount.


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Blank Invoice Template

Whether you are using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or other software, blank invoice templates come in handy when you have a lot of printing to do. We offer simple Excel invoice templates and simple Word invoices that can be downloaded, printed and used again and again..

Invoice templates should show a variety of things. Taxable status, price, quantity, description, tax, total amount, sub totals, all this and perhaps more should be included on good blank invoice templates. Excel templates will be able to calculate these things automatically. Fonts and colors, formatting, spacing, merging cells, moving cells, are features that make Word a secondary tool compared to Excel. Word is static and can not make calculations on its own.

Choose simple invoice templates that are attractive and easy on the eyes. Rounded corners are easier on the eyes than square ones. Studies show that rounded corners are liked more than pointed ones by those who view web pages. Put this information to work in the invoice template you choose for your business. Choose a blank template that is easy to print. Unfortunately you may not know if it is easy to print until after you download it. In Excel sizes can be selected by going to the menus and choosing “File” and then “Page Setup”.

Simple Excel invoice templates can be replaced by software. Forms of all types can be created with the right program. Before shelling out money for software that you may or may not like, do a quick search for invoice templates in a search engine. If you find one you like and it is free, you have saved yourself at least a free lunch. Plus, you can use the free blank invoice templates over and over if you want. What counts is if your customers like them or not. If you find you get any compliments on your free invoice templates, you have made the right decision.

After taking a look at your choices on simple Excel invoice templates, you will find that there are plenty of versions. There are templates for hourly rates, work estimates, proforma, those with remittance slips, colorful ones, black and white ones, invoices for packaging slips, empty templates and host of other styles. If you own a Mac instead of a PC, there are templates for those as well. Cnet is getting in on the downloading of free templates as well. They have their version listed in accounting and billing software. It seems to be popular, as it was downloaded more than one thousand times last week alone.

If you are not use to using Excel, even simple blank invoice templates may be hard to handle. If you are not the geeky type, the Word templates will be easier on your schedule. Otherwise, personalization is a key aspect of making your invoice something that you can be proud of. Limit the graphics, but make them quality to look at. There will hopefully be time to improve on the template if you find they help your business to grow. Your business has personal needs, your templates will reflect this.

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