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Simple Word receipt form

Free Receipt template
Free Receipt template

Need a Free Receipt template?

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Download this Word free Receipt template for your personal or company use. It is a free printable receipt template.  






A receipt template: Creation and contents

A receipt is either a physical or a digital document that acknowledges the sale of goods or services by customers. The receipt is proof of a binding transaction between a customer and a business organization or individual businessman. For example, if a landlord let out his or her property to a tenant, a receipt detailing the transaction and the amount of money paid as rent must be given to the tenant.
A receipt should always follow a specific format when being designed, as prescribed by the state laws or the local governing bodies. Following this format will ensure a variety of legal complications are avoided. Nowadays, there are two types of receipts in use, the hand written manual receipts and the computerized or electronic receipts.
A good receipt (like our free receipt template) offers the customers detailed information on the goods and services purchased, the date and method of payment, the actual amount of money paid, discounts given if any and the total transaction amount. Apart from this, receipts may also include advertisements, special offers, details of warranty, money off purchase coupons, return details and other necessary pieces of information that a business entity may think helpful to clients or customers.
When a person is talking about a receipt template, he or she is simply referring to a certain computer software application that makes it possible to create a receipt document without the need to redesign it again from the scratch. There are different types of application software on the market that can be used to create a free receipt template. These include Corel Draw, Indesign, Freehand, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, to name but a few. As long as you have any of the above-mentioned software applications, you can edit and customize an already created receipt template to suit an immediate requirement.

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