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Form 2290 Instructions – Form 2290 Electronic Filing

Form 2290What is Form 2290?

For those involved in over the road trucking, Form 2290 is mandatory. The form involves the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, and there are a few different ways to file it, which we will discuss here.

The Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is one that the government requires of anyone who operates a vehicle that weighs 55,000 pounds or more, including trailer and load. There are some exemptions that are available; commercial vehicles that travel fewer than 5,500 miles per year and agricultural vehicles that travel less than 7,500 miles per year are not required to pay the HVUT.

There are exemptions for other vehicle types, such as bloodmobiles, Red Cross vehicles, and those run by rescue services. In most situations, even if you are not responsible for paying the fee, you still need to file Form 2290 to show that you are not liable.

The most widely used way to pay the HVUT used to be to go to the nearest IRS office and submit the paperwork. However, this is a cumbersome method, so the IRS has added the option to pay by mail. Simply download and print the form from the IRS website. Send the form to the IRS, and in a couple of weeks, you will get a receipt in the mail that proves you’ve paid the tax.

Since 2007, truckers have also had the option to e-file Form 2290. There are various online companies approved by the IRS to file the form; e-filing is much more convenient than the in-person or mail-in options. After the fee is paid, simply print out the receipt as proof that you’ve paid.

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