Expense Report template

Free printable Excel spreadsheet

Expense Report template

Expense Report template
Expense Report template

Need an employee Expense Report sheet?

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Download and customize this Excel Expense Report template for your personal or company use.

Expense reports

expense reportsExpense reports are used in order to help business owners and employees register all their business expenses in an organized and efficient fashion. Using an expense report helps keeping track of expenses and simplifies accounting.

Once upon a time expense reports were typed. These daysare over and today there are three basic methods to run and generate expense reports:

1. The simplest method is using an expense report spreadsheet (such as the one provided free on this website). Please note that blank spreadsheets are sometimes known as expense report templates or expense report forms. Excel spreadsheets are really easy to use, they do all the calculations for you, they are free or very cheap, but the drawback is that they offer limited features.

2. The second option is using online services for expense reporting, called web based expense reports. Generally, the web expense reports offer more features than the spreadsheets, they are easy to use and to access and give users great flexibility.

3. The third option for expense reporting is expense report software. We would recommend that if you choose to purchase expense report software for your business accounting and finance, you find a tool which integrates all the tools you need. That way you won’t need do use many different applications.

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