Durable Power of Attorney Form

Durable Power of Attorney form

As you will probably know, a power of attorney is a document that will be legally binding and will give written permission for a person to represent an act on your behalf. The person that actually issues the power of attorney will be able to choose who this person is and what kind of power they are looking to give them. If you are looking to give out the power of durable power of attorney, then you will need to know exactly what you are giving someone the power to do.

The thing about a durable power of attorney is that they are only given the role until the grantor of the power dies or is incapacitated. This means that the person that you grant the power to will only be the power of attorney whilst you are alive and well. If you fall ill to any kind of mental illness, physical injury or anything else like this, the document will no longer be valid and you will not have a power of attorney any longer. You can however specify that you want the power of attorney to be effective even if you fall under any of these conditions in the document.

Another name for this type of document is the enduring power of attorney. You will be granting the power of attorney the ability to make many decisions on your behalf so you should be absolutely sure that you know the person well enough and that you trust them with the thing that you are having the contract drawn up for. The power of attorney can act on personal behalf or for a business and this will be laid out in the document that is drawn up. You will need a solicitor to draw up the contract.

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