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Contracts & Agreements

Agreement of Sale

Do you know the importance of an agreement of sale to a second hand car dealer? When you are in the business of selling used cars, it is sometimes very difficult to operate if you are not careful about how … Learn more

Tenancy Agreement Template

Need a tenancy agreement template? The easiest way to come up with a tenancy agreement is by using a tenancy agreement template to design yours. In many cases, you will find that doing so will save you a lot of … Learn more

Letter of Agreement Template

What’s the best way to use a letter of agreement template? Whenever you are getting into any sort of agreement, it is often necessary to try to have some kind of document to show that you and the other parties … Learn more

Collective Bargaining Agreement

How to handle a collective bargaining agreement Whenever you are in charge of any working environment that has a number of employees, you may need to do collective bargaining in order to ensure that the needs of both parties are … Learn more

Service Agreement

What a service agreement is and how you should create yours When you are a businessperson in the service industry, it is often a good idea to have some kind of service agreement that you can have your clients sign … Learn more

Lease Agreement Template

Use a lease agreement template when designing your lease agreement! If you are a landlord, you would have to ensure that you make your tenants sign a lease agreement before you can let them rent your apartment or house. When … Learn more

Confidentiality Agreement

Understanding the confidentiality agreement When you are a lawyer, you may sometimes find it necessary to try to encourage your clients to be more forthcoming with the provision of information. The reason for this is that in many cases, such … Learn more

Partnership Agreement

Why is a partnership agreement such an important document? In order to do any kind of business, it is often necessary to get into a partnership with someone else. This could be for many reasons. For instance, if you do … Learn more

Rental Agreement Template


A free Word Rental Agreement Template for your personal
or company use. Learn more

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