Boat Bill of Sale Form

Free blank printable template

Boat Bill of Sale Form

Boat Bill of Sale form
Boat Bill of Sale form

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Download this Word Boat Bill of Sale form for your personal or company use. It is a Free printable blank boat bill of sale form.

Why is it important to use a boat bill of sale form?When buying or selling any used boat, it is crucial to use a proper boat bill of sale form. This will offer the seller proof that the buyer is legally responsible for a boat and the buyer will have proof that he/she is the owner of the boat. There are different facts that should be included in any boat bill of sale form.
The names and the addresses of both the seller and the buyer have to be included. Then a very thorough description of what is being sold has to be included. This will contain hull identification number, make, model and any extra factor that is important for the identification of the vessel. It goes without saying that the date of sale, time of sale, and sale price have to be included and the document will only be valid if both the seller and the buyer sign it.
Without a boat bill of sale it is impossible to register the vessel under the buyer’s name. There are slight differences in the registration process from one state to another in America, but everything that was listed above has to be included in the documents in all states. The main reason why the boat bill of sale form is important is that it will protect the seller and the buyer. Sellers have proof that the boat is theirs, whilst the buyers have proof that they are no longer responsible for what happens with the vessel. It is highly recommended that every single sale process is to be documented in this way or problems might appear.More Bill of Sale forms

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