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Correcting or changing a birth certificate in the USA

Birth Certificate – Change Birth Certificate instructions

Changing a Birth Certificate

following is all the information needed for amending, correcting or Changing a Birth Certificate in the USA.
Please note that requirements for changing a birth certificate vary from state to state.

In order to amend a Birth Certificate in Texas you have to fill out and send form vs-170 along with the documents listed in the form to the Texas department of health.
The fee is.$15 for the amendment plus $13 for processing and delivery.
For complete details on changing birth certificates in Texas please visit here:

In California You must fill out and sign an affidavit in order to amend a birth certificate.
You will also need to fill out form vs-24. The affidavit, form and additional documentation should be sent to the California office of vital records.
for complete information about changing a birth certificate in California please visit here:

New York:
In order to correct or change a birth certificate in New York You must fill out application vr-172. You will also have to send additional documents and a fee as listed on the application form to the New York department of health, office of vital records.
For the application form and all information please click here:

In order to change a birth certificate in Illinois you have to fill out an application for a correction of a birth certificate.
birth certificate corrections cost $15, and the price includes one certified copy of the revised birth certificate.
The application should be sent to the Illinois department of public health.
For the online application form and additional information please visit here:

Corrections to birth records in Pennsylvania involve different procedures, depending on a persona age and the nature of the change or correction required.
For full information about changing your birth certificate in Pennsylvania please click here:

In order to change or correct information on a birth certificate in Virginia you must write the office of vital records, state your correction request and wait for further information.
Office of Vital Records,
Special Services Dept
P.O. 1000
Richmond, VA 23218-1000

For further information please click here:

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