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Social Worker Job Description

Job DescriptionSocial workers are there to offer counseling and guidance to people at the worst time in their lives. A social worker’s clientele can range from foster children to the unemployed; it’s the social worker’s responsibility to help their clients get the education, treatment, or emergency funding they need.There are a few organizations that use social workers, and for each setting, the social worker’s job description is almost the same. Social workers are used in social service agencies, clinics, schools, hospitals, and welfare agencies.A social worker needs to have good problem-solving skills, and the patience to do the casework necessary to solve those problems. Social workers frequently talk to displaced children, or those whose parents have died, or families who’ve lost everything they own in a house fire. Some social workers work in a group setting, offering discussion groups and counseling to troubled youth.Most social worker positions require a master’s degree in social work, but a select few jobs are available with only a bachelor’s degree. There are a few social workers who research or teach classes, and those jobs normally require a doctorate. A potential social worker should consider majoring in psychology, sociology or any other social science, and also take courses in child studies, economics and political science. A social worker’s graduate work will encompass human growth & development, social work methods, and social welfare policy.

The licensing requirements for social work can vary from one area to another; new social workers usually learn from more experienced colleagues for the first few months. After two years of work under supervision, they may get into the Academy of Certified Social Workers. A social worker with a master’s degree will have a much easier time at opening a private practice.

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