Pediatric Nurse Job Description

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Pediatric Nurse Job Description

Job DescriptionA pediatric nurse assistant’s responsibility is to help nurses and pediatricians comfort and treat children experiencing medical issues. A pediatric nurse assistant should be calm and empathetic, and have a good bedside manner in order to comfort nervous children. A pediatric nursing assistant makes notations and reports to the clinical unit’s manager or to a nursing supervisor, and they also help groom and dress patients. They perform other medical and clerical tasks as they are needed.To get a job as a pediatric nursing assistant, a student needs to pass a course at an accredited nursing school and earn an assistant’s certificate. A lot of trade schools and community colleges offer a two-year program for pediatric nursing assistants, which gives the participant a CNA designation upon the passage of a state exam.To increase your marketability and employability, consider earning a certificate in the identification and treatment of blood-borne diseases, first aid, and CPR. Pediatric nursing assistants participate in internships throughout their training, and that work prepares them for daily work in a medical setting. An internship may occur in a hospital’s pediatric unit, or in a day care center or school.Some of the daily duties of a pediatric nursing assistant are dependent on the number of patients their supervising physician sees, and the facility’s rules. Assistants get patients ready for tests and exams, measure and record weight, height and blood pressure, and assist handicapped children. The assistant is there to get supplies for the doctor during an exam, and they also answer phones and do data entry work when needed.Anyone with experience teaching or babysitting young children could potentially be a pediatric nursing assistant, and child psychology courses will help as well. A good assistant should have a calm demeanor, and being an assistant can pave the way to a job as a pediatric nurse or nurse practitioner.

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