LPN Job Description

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LPN Job Description

Job DescriptionAn LPN is a certified health care professional, and it is there responsibility to provide patient care under the supervision of an RN or a physician. The LPN provides services in many kinds of health care settings, such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, and clinics. In some areas, the LPN is referred to as a LVN, or licensed vocational nurse.An LPN carries out their job under a doctor’s or an RN’s supervision. They collect incoming patients’ information, recording medical and insurance details, and take care of the other formalities of pretreatment. An LPN records the patient’s vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, heart and respiration rate, and they help the patient get ready for the doctor’s exam. LPNs also administer prescribed medications and injections.  An LPN that has a lot of practical experience may end up supervising the work of certified nursing assistants, or CNAs.The majority of LPNs work a forty-hour week, and in some settings where patients need care around the clock, they may need to work nights, holidays or weekends. In 2008, about 18% of LVNs and LPNs worked part time; most have to stand for long periods at a time. They may face dangers from radiation, infectious disease, and chemicals, as well as from agitated patients.LPNs also have to address the sanitary requirements of patients, such as dressing, grooming, toileting and bathing. When a patient is getting ready to be discharged, the LPN lets the family know about the patient’s diet, wellness and medication requirements. There also may be other jobs that fall under an LPN’s job description.

LPN Job Description Template

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