General Power of Attorney Form

General Power of Attorney form


A General Power of Attorney document is simply a document that will give a person the right to act on your behalf on a variety of different things. Basically, the document when it is executed with give a person the full legal right to act on your behalf. The document can be defined as you like and can therefore be as general or as specific as you would like it to be. It can also cover a lot of different areas which can be decided by the person that is granting permission to a power of attorney.

This is one of the most powerful types of power or attorney documents as when executed, the person that you have chosen will have a lot of rights and will basically be able to act as you. They will have to power to open bank accounts in your name, ,buy and sell shares in your name and in many cases, even purchase and sell property in your name. The person will also be able to carry out a variety of other business on your behalf as set out in the document.

The document can give the person that you choose the power to do all of these things in specific circumstances or in circumstances where you would not be able to handle these affairs on your own. The general power of attorney document is easily drawn up by a solicitor and will of course incorporate a legal cost. The document is used by many people for both personal and business purposes and the specific nature of the general power of attorney document can be laid out as needed. This type of document is often used for when the grantor is absent for any particular reason.

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