Construction Supervisor Job Description

Free Construction Supervisor Job Description Template

Construction Supervisor Job Description

Construction Supervisor Job DescriptionIt’s a construction supervisor’s responsibility to oversee both skilled and unskilled laborers on construction sites. A construction supervisor is also called a foreman, and they are almost always skilled construction workers themselves. The supervisor is responsible for their crew’s correct, efficient and safe use of materials. The supervisor answers only to the site’s superintendent.A construction supervisor’s job is to schedule work and keep a running record of the progress made and the supplies used on a job. Those records are compiled into a report which is delivered to the superintendent. Construction supervisors also make workers aware of company policies, and they hear worker grievances and try to help all parties come to a solution.On smaller construction jobs, the supervisor usually works right alongside his or her crew; they are called working supervisors. On larger jobs, they focus just on the management of the site, and in some cases, they oversee and train new hires. Most construction supervisors are union members who have worked their way up the ladder. To become a construction supervisor, you will need at least a high school diploma; a college degree isn’t as beneficial here as in other occupations.Employment in the construction field is expected to be on par with overall averages for the next four years, and hiring will be affected by the local economy’s health. More construction supervisors will be needed in areas with expanding populations. Keep in mind that construction work is often short term, so a supervisor always has the chance of being laid off or going through periods where work is sparse.

Construction Supervisor Job Description Template

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