Construction Superintendent Job Description

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Construction Superintendent Job Description

Job DescriptionA construction superintendent’s job involves the planning and coordination of construction projects. The superintendent supervises the completion of the project, ensuring that the quality of workmanship and materials meets all applicable standards.The construction superintendent is also responsible for any accidents that happen on site, and making sure that a project remains on time and on budget. He or she makes sure that the workers follow the design plan. A construction superintendent also reports on the project’s progress to his or her employers and the general public. Here are some other parts of a construction superintendent’s job description:*Implementation of projects’ safety and health plans
*Oversight of the construction process from start to finish
*Adhering to the construction budget
*Keeping all the construction workers on task and on schedule
*Keeping track of material costs, and invoicing and receiving payments for work performed
*Safety and performance inspections for workers
*Meeting with government inspectors and discussing safety and licensing requirements
*Ensures that projects are finished on time; supervising subcontractors and making sure they are punctual
*Keeping the foreman posted on the project’s progressA construction superintendent must have strong supervisory skills, as well as the ability to stick to a schedule. Multitasking is a good skill for a construction superintendent to have; they obviously must also have a strong background in construction and building. They must be good at solving problems, and computer literacy is a definite plus. To become a construction superintendent, you will need at least a high school diploma, along with a degree in construction management.

Construction Superintendent Job Description Template

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