Clerical Job Description

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Clerical Job Description

Job DescriptionClerical jobs provide administrative support within a company. Most clerical jobs begin at entry level, and they often lead to higher-paying jobs that carry more responsibility. Clerical jobs are among some of the fastest-growing in today’s job market; there is a lot of demand for admin assistants in a variety of industries. A person in a clerical job is essentially a secretary, who provides support and office help to a company’s staff. Many employers hire people for clerical jobs, such as doctors, offices, retail outlets, hospitals and large corporations. Depending on the business’ size, there can be one or more people doing clerical work.Those who are thinking of doing clerical work should be ready to handle a lot of simultaneous requests and paperwork- they will need good organizational skills. Clerical workers are great at multitasking; they often copy, fax, and file at the same time. Most executives use a clerical assistant to type all their correspondence and set their appointments.People in clerical jobs perform duties such as assembling reports, sending out mailings, and taking dictation at meetings. Some clerical workers also function as receptionists, so their job description would include answering phones, taking messages and setting appointments. A data entry clerical worker specializes in assembling data on a spreadsheet, so their work must be accurate. Another type of clerical position is in accounts payable or accounts receivable.

For most clerical positions, a degree is not needed, but to advance in that line of work, a person needs to eventually earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Someone with a degree in office administration can often make twice as much money as someone without a degree.

Clerical Job Description Template

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