Cashier Job Description

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Cashier Job Description

Job DescriptionA cashier’s job is to add up totals, take customers’ money, give them their change, fill out credit card slips, and provide a receipt. Cashiers work in many settings, such as supermarkets, gas stations, movie theaters, department stores, and restaurants.In 2008, there were about three and a half million cashier jobs, 24% of which were in grocery stores. There are also cashiers working in casinos, amusement parks, and dry cleaners. To be a cashier, there’s no formal education requirement, but most employers prefer workers with at least a high school diploma. A cashier’s job is an entry level position, requiring almost no previous work experience, and most jobs provide on-the-job training.Those who want to work as a cashier should be able to perform repetitive tasks with accuracy, and they will also need basic math skills. Cashiers need to be manually dexterous, and have a clean and neat personal appearance. As the cashier is often the only staff the customer deals directly with, they will need a pleasant demeanor and a strong sense of professionalism. There is some opportunity for advancement in a cashier’s job; a part-time position can lead to a full-time one, or another position with higher pay and more responsibility.America’s Bureau of Labor Statistics says that cashiers will have the most job openings through 2018, because the field has a high turnover rate as many see it as a temporary job. Cashier positions are expected to grow slower than average, however. 

Cashier Job Description Template

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