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Case Manager Job Description

Job DescriptionCase managers are used in a variety of jobs, making sure that service recipients are getting what they need. It is the case manager’s responsibility to ensure that the services are being provided in accordance with standards and requirements. Before you apply for a job as a case manager, learn a little about the job’s description to decide if it is right for you.There are several industries that employ case managers; insurance companies use them to deal with those who are making claims due to accident or industry. A social work case manage oversees the investigative work of their unit, especially in cases involving children. The medical field uses case managers to help patients understand their medical conditions and the methods used to treat them.Becoming a case manager requires at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field, but in limited cases an associate’s degree may be enough. Your chosen field may also require experience in human resources, insurance or health care. Once you have a job, you may also have to get continuing education to keep certain licenses or registrations.Skill sets will vary within each field, but case managers usually interpret documents and write professional correspondence and reports. A case manager must have good people skills, and be able to speak publicly. They must also have basic problem-solving and mathematics skills.Case managers usually facilitate the sharing of information with and between case workers. They are responsible for the maintenance of records, either by organization or by supervision. The case manager may also work with other agencies, and act as an advocate for a service recipient.A case manager’s salary will vary depending on their chosen industry, duties and responsibilities. In general, the 2009 average salary is $55,000 to $67,000, with the median at $60,000. With bonuses, benefits and paid vacation time, it can add up to about $85,000 per year.

Case manager Job Description Template

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