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CNA Job Description

Job DescriptionCNAs, or certified nursing assistants, work in healthcare settings like nursing homes, convalescent facilities and hospitals. They have varied duties, depending on where they work, but the main job of a CNA is the daily care of their patients and reporting on their condition to the head nurse. Here are some more responsibilities that CNAs typically handle.*Patient care: this part of a CNA’s job includes personal activities of the patients, such as baths, dressing, grooming, eating and drinking, and exercise. The CNA’s job is to make the patient as safe and comfortable as possible by keeping their room clean and neat; making beds, adjusting temperature and lighting and removing safety hazards are all part of the job.*Taking vital signs: this includes the recording and measuring of vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, respiration rate and temperature), as well as height/weight, food consumption/excretory output, collecting lab specimens, applying restraints if necessary, and reporting changes in patient condition.*Assistance with ambulatory care: CNAs lift, move and transport patients every day. It’s the CNA’s job to help the patient regain or maintain their strength and range of motion, and assistance with exercise helps to do just that.*Infection control: this job aspect includes the isolation and prevention of infection through good care standards such as proper hand washing, careful handling of contaminated items, proper isolation procedures, and the reporting and observation of environmental factors which could aid in the spread of infection.*Aiding nurses and doctors: this includes the application of non sterile dressings, performing enemas, taking care of oral and skin needs, application of ice packs and admittance, transference and discharge of patients.*Communication: is required often. Written and verbal communication with team members, patients and their families, along with the observation and recording of resident information. CNAs often answer the telephone and take messages.

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