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1040 Tax Form – Irs form 1040 instructions

What is the 1040 Tax Form?

RS 1040 Tax Form
This form is a tax form for individuals in the United States of America. The form was first used as an individual tax form for four years in the early 1900s but was converted into an annual tax form. The form has many different versions of it and the version that you use depend on either your immigration status or your tax status.
The form is usually due on the 15th of April the following year.

The form has two pages and that is not counting the attachments that you will send it with. The first page of the form requires you to fill in information such as income items, dependents and adjustments to income second page looks at how much tax you have to pay in context with the amount of income that you get.

The form has attachments that are called schedules and they number eleven of them. The eleven schedules all have different functions and you have to fill in the schedules that affect you as an individual. There is the short form and the long form of the tax form. The short form is the tax form for individuals that earn less than 100 thousand dollars in a year.

Compared to the long form the short form has a few sections that one has to fill and understandably so as they do not earn that much. Self employed people and farmers are some of the people that have to fill the form. If you are in a partnership you have to fill this tax form for your earnings in the partnership. Remember to pay your taxes as the internal revenue services is always looking.

Download Form 1040 at: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1040.pdf

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